Meet The Grand Officers

The key to success of the Illuminati Church is the intense detail of organization structures. Illuminati is organized into Grand Churches that have their own power structures. The Grand Church is the highest universal authority in Illuminatis. Grand Churches are independent and have sovereign authority over their members. Grand Churches oversee jurisdictions that are tied to geographical areas. All Grand Churches recognize each other and their jurisdictions and therefore are not in competition with each other, but instead function out of mutual respect. Each Illuminatic Grand Church elects its own officers and manages it’s own assets and members. The Grand Church Officers include the: Worshipful Master, Warden, Secretary, Treasurer, Deacon, Steward, Marshall, Guard, and Chaplain. The following is an up-to-date line of our highest ranking Grand Church Officers:


Joel, K.K.

(Grand Marshall)


George, A.M.

(Grand Steward)


Scott, B.W.

(Grand Deacon)


Steve, F.N.

(Grand Secretary)